Digital Coaching

We can design for you a customised coaching program for your company to bring your staff or other important stakeholders such as members up to speed with latest practices in digital marketing, distribution and productivity.

Our experts have delivered thousands of hours of group training and one-on-one mentoring sessions across a range of sectors and organisation types, from local councils, economic development associations, private sector tourism operators and regional tourism associations.

DCI utilises contemporary content that is well tested and combined with supportive and professional coaching. This enables the participants to walk away having learned and tested their new skills. We apply a highly practical intent to all of our coaching.

We draw on our vast experience in coaching to ensure that our learning content is styled to the specific audience recognising different levels of technology adoption and learning styles.

Our credentials in digital coaching:

Examples of coaching and education delivered by our expert coaches include:

  • Our four expert coaches have collectively trained over 5,000 individuals across Australia over the last five years in digital marketing basics and best practice
  • Delivery of industry workshops on Digital Distribution and Social Media at Tourism Events and Excellence Conference, Victoria in 2013
  • Facilitation of Digital Technology workshop at Global Eco Conference, Queensland in 2014
  • Developed Social Media Strategy for The Seychelles
  • Delivery of Productivity Improvement workshops across Queensland in 2014

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